From stone extraction to inert material supply, though quarry types
Everything you need to know.
about sand and gravel quarries in Italy.

What we do

Quarry material quality

Defining quality inert material is not an easy thing. We are talking about non-absorbency, hardness, resistance, lack of chloride and lack of porosity.

From the quarry to the building site

The importance of all materials that can be extracted by all construction quarries; from the quarry to major infrastructural projects.

Quarrying processes

Quarrying potential, processes but also constraints in terms of some types of stone in quarries.

Report a quarry

In this section we want to make a list of quarries in Italy, but also in Europe, in order to draw a map of interest. How do we evaluate quarries? Quarries without any particular characteristics may also be eligible, though we are rather focused on those quarries with outstanding extraction features (such as white granite or Carrara marble) or providing particular business opportunities. For the time being, our first suggestion is a quarry with remarkable geographic and extraction potential. It is located in Croatia, click here to discover it.

Report a quarry RECENT QUARRIES

report a quarry

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  • Stone quarries

    Una selezione di Cave dalle peculiarità interessanti, una panoramica sulle principali caratteristiche e finalità estrattive, con un occhio alle opportunità che si possono generare tra Cava ed edilizia
  • Recent quarries

    Quarry in Istria
  • Cave di Pietra
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